Bulgaria – Probably the right choice for your business


Lowest taxes in the European Union
Corporate income tax – 10%. Personal income tax – flat 10%. Social security contributions are only due for income up to 1,328 EUR/month. For the amount over 1,328 EUR/month the total of social security contributions is 0%.

Macroeconomic and financial stability
For more than 15 years Bulgaria has been an example of stability. Fiscal deficit is 0.5% of GDP, public debt is 17.6% of GDP, etc. IMF says it all in a report of January 30, 2014: “Macroeconomic and financial stability has been maintained despite the difficult environment globally …”

Stable and well functioning banking system
Banks are well-capitalized and liquid. They offer efficient transactions and online banking access. A number of international banks operate locally.

Variety of business opportunities
You can establish a business in Bulgaria in order to: sell in the EU; sell in third countries; employ personnel to work in another EU member country; etc., etc. There are many opportunities. Each business is specific and needs individual approach. Contact us, so that we can discuss together your plans.