HR & Payroll

Do you really need an employee?
We discuss with the client possible alternatives to employment. These alternatives may include outsourcing of activities to subcontractors, or  using temporary employees (temporaries) from a  specialized temporary employment agency.

Employment Options
We discuss with the client different options of employing personnel. Employment options may vary, depending on the business model of the client.

Full range of payroll services
We cover all aspects of HR & Payroll services. We can support the selection and evaluation process. We take care of contracts, payroll, taxes, income statements, pension schemes, health and safety regulations, work permits, etc.

Special planning needed for employment
Hiring an employee in Bulgaria is strictly regulated by the Law. There are a number of formal rules to be followed before, during and after the employment. Things  may be even more complicated with hiring a foreign national, especially if not a citizen of an EU member country. Clients should always consult with us before taking any action concerning employment.