Legal Services

Legal Advice
We provide legal advice on most areas of Business Law. We can take care of your commercial contracts, labor agreements, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions. Our lawyers areĀ general business lawyers that can help in day-to-day business. However for some complicated matters the business might need a specialist. We cooperate with a number of specialist lawyers that can cover different fields.

Representation before a court
We do not and cannot represent you before a court. This is done only by lawyers that are registered with the local Bar Association. Our lawyers are not registered with the Bar Association. They have the necessary qualifications, but eventual registration will limit them to perform other activities from which our clients are benefiting presently.
In case you need a representation before a court, we can provide the following services: facilitate your contact with the appropriate lawyer, prepare for him/her all required documents, provide other necessary information, discuss possible impacts of the case on the business, support the day-to-day administration of the lawsuit. Our lawyers can provide a crucial support, such as managing large volumes of documents in the case.