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Occupational Health & Safety
By law each employer is obliged to have a licensed Occupational Health & Safety consultant, no matter how many employees there are in the enterprise. Stoyanov & Stoyanov was licensed by the Ministry of Health to provide Occupational Health & Safety services (registration # 338) . We used to provide full range of services as required by Art.25-25a of the law for more than 15 years. In May 2014 we merged our H&S activity with STM St George EOOD, where our clients continue to receive help and support on all issues concerning Occupational H&S regulations.

IT Services
We have a small IT department that can provide limited consulting and support services to Model A and Model AA clients.

Outsourcing of services
Solution A. (You outsource a service to a supplier.) We can provide support during all stages of the process.
Solution AA. (You outsource your outsourcing to us.) In a number of cases we can directly contract the supplier for the services you need. You receive the services and we manage all relations with the supplier. Many clients prefer this solution for the obvious advantages that it provides.