We provide services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies

Business Model A Clients
The client has substantial physical presence in the country. The business has its own employees and assets in the country. It can be a business with hundreds or more employees. It may have its own offices, production facilities or distribution networks. The day to day operations are managed by dedicated managers that work exclusively for the client.

Business Model AA Clients
The client has no substantial physical presence in the country. The client has a company that is registered at our office address. The business has no tangible assets and no employees except for a professional managing director. The director is one of our staff members, and he/she manages the company under close monitoring and instructions from the owner(s). The director may be managing other companies too.

Services for Business Model A and Business Model AA Clients
We provide specialized packages of services to Model A and Model AA clients. Each package is designed according to the specific needs of the business. Each package may include a combination of:

We create value for our clients

  • by optimizing the administrative processes that affect the daily operations
  • by providing the necessary safe environment in order to keep the focus on the business goals